Gift your Gals with K2o

Brain teaser time!

Bridesmaids are to brides as diamonds are to girls.

(Cue Jeopardy theme music)

Did you say “best friend”? Ding ding ding! You’re a winner! And if you didn’t, well, we’ll just chalk it up to it being too early after a long weekend.

Your bridesmaids are there for you through every step of your wedding planning.  From the engagement to the post-wedding farewell, they’ve spent the last few months trying on dress after dress, tasting a million different cakes and helping you decide between canary or lemon yellow tablecloths (go with lemon!).

So in order to say thank you, why not gift your gals a little bling that can be worn on the big day? We have the perfect k2o jewelry that will match your color scheme as well as some fun extras! Happy gifting!

bridesmaid gifts sbws


1. Mod Ball Fringe Earrings 2. Rose Gold Mod Ball Ring 3. Pop Love Necklace 4. Thin Rose Gold Cuff 5. POP II Earrings 6. POP II Silver Necklace  7. POP Ring

bridesmaids gift 10

bridesmaids gifts 432

1. POP II Earrings  2. POP Ring 3. St. Tropez I Necklace 4. St. Tropez II Earrings

brides maids gifts pny


1. Mini POP Earrings 2. Pop Tropez IV Necklace 3. Pop Love Necklace 4. POP Ring 5. POP Rocks Silver Earrings

bridesmaids gift ryb


1. POP I Silver Necklace 2. POP Earrings 3. POP V Earrings 4 and 5. POP Ring 6. POP Tropez III Necklace

brides maids gifts ywm


1. POP Tropez Necklace 2. POP Rocks II Earring 3. POP II Silver Necklace 4. POP Mini Earrings 5. POP Ring


1. Cashmere Pashmina Wrap. For those chilly summer nights.

2. Personalized Clutch. These clutches come in over 300 different fabrics so you’re sure to find a pattern to match your colors. And an added bonus? You can get a personal message embroidered inside!

3. Butter Nail Polish. This polish is silky smooth and comes in a million colors. Perfect for a pre-wedding manicure/pedicure.

4. Sabon Body Scrub. Your girls will be feeling smooth, pampered and ready for pictures after using this luxurious scrub (and it smells great too!)

5. Champagne Truffles. Chocolate. Do I need to say more?

6. Tocca candles. Can you say post-wedding bubble bath?

7. Initial compacts. For last minute makeup checks.

What will you include in your bridesmaids gifts?

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