Party Gatsby Style this Weekend!

“Can’t repeat the past? When it comes to fashion, why of course you can.”

Ok, so we doctored that quote a bit (Sorry F. Scott Fitzgerald) but it is true!

Like the rest of world, we can’t wait for the The Great Gatsby premiere May 10.  The story, the music, Leo, Carey, the sets, the shirt throwing, the styling … Oh be still my beating heart, the styling.

All the anticipation has made us crave some Roaring 20s in our closets.  So hey, let’s repeat the past (k2o style)!

Here are some of our favorite Jazz Age inspired editorials and some ways to incorporate flapper style with a modern edge and some k2o flair.  All k2o products can be purchased here.

1 vogue - mario testino - dustjacket attic


Look 1

Look 2

Will you go see the movie on Friday? Are you going to dress up? Leave a comment below or tweet us at @k2obykarenko

And for more 20s inspiration, check out our Gatsby Pinterest board!


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