The Best PUNK Looks of the Met Gala

One of the biggest nights in fashion, the Met Gala 2013 encourages attendees to dress on theme.  This year’s theme was PUNK: Chaos to Couture.  The red carpet featured a lot of couture but lacked a bit of chaos.   Luckily, a few ladies got the memo and totally rocked PUNK, couture style!

Our Faves

Here are our top punk looks from the evening.

1. Madonna

The only person who can make a bigger entrance than Beyonce is the Queen of Pop herself.  But really, did you expect anything less from The Material Girl when she’s dressed in Givenchy?

2. Donatella Versace

Fresh from her Fall 2013 collection, Donatella’s dress is the perfect balance between punk and couture.   Donatella nailed the look.

3. Cara Delevingn

Studs. Plunging neckline. Spike necklace. Makeup and fierce nails.  We couldn’t ask for anything more from “IT” model, Cara Delevingne in her Burberry look.

Now, there were lots of looks from the evening that were almost there.  Here are a few that with a little k2o touch would have been mosh-pit perfect.

Anja Rubik

We love the leather and detailing of Anja’s Anthony Vaccarello outfit.  All that was missing was our signature spike ankle cuffs because, really what’s more punk then spikes?

Rooney Mara

The juxtaposition of the lace and zippers on Rooney Mara’s Givenchy dress adds a touch of fierceness.  We would have added a set spike wrist cuffs* and spike and fringe anklets* to take it to the complete the punk look.

Anne Hathaway

Between Anne Hathaway’s hair, makeup and Valentino dress, she almost has the punk look down.  We would have added our fringe spike ear cuff* to highlight her new hairdo.

Miranda Kerr

We don’t blame Miranda Kerr for wanting to show off her amazing abs in a Michael Kors dress.  We would have added our statement gold harness* and gold spike bracelet* to give a more punk flair to her couture.

Gisele Bunchen

The detailing on Gisele’s Anthony Vaccarello dress is a step in the right direction for punk couture. We would add a spike fringe ear cuff* to balance the asymmetry of the dress and a spike amour cuff* for even more of a badass edge.

*Available upon request

What were your favorite looks from the evening? Any looks you felt like could have used a little k2o? Leave a comment below or tweet us at @k2obykarenko with hashtag #k2oROCK.

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