London Fashion Week FW’13 Trends

London Fashion Week came and went in the blink of an eye!  Certain trends from NYFW including leather, fur, and crimson were seen all over the runway of LFW.  However, London gave us fresh looks of shine, sheer, and shapes from embellishments to textured sheer prints to high necklines.


London’s fashion designers showed us many intricate and luxurious designs featuring embellishments, metallics and high shine, textured prints and sheer. The feminine silhouettes, including maxi dresses and pant suits, add extra glam, so we should definitely be seeing these trends hitting the streets in the fall!

1. Embellishment (Rhinestones, Sequins and Rivets)


2. Wet Shine

High Shine

3. Texture Prints

Textured Prints

4. Sheer Lace



Everyone always wants to know what colors are in for the upcoming seasons. In New York we saw a lot of crimson, navy and olives, while London gave us pink hues, gold and mustard. Mustard and pink can be worn for both daytime and evening, while gold should be saved for nights out. Don’t be afraid to pair a fun colored shoe or bag to really stand out!

1. Shades of Pink


2. Gold Glamor


3.  Mustard Yellow



Capes have been on the rise these past few seasons and it looks like they are here to stay! We saw many great textured and printed dresses with long capes as well as shorter capes with skirts and pants. High necklines were also a trend this past week. This neckline lends a retro elegant silhouette.  Also, pant suits are not just for men, ladies! We have seen many great designs in both New York and London featuring great pant suits down the runway.  Be sure to pick up some great pants suits this fall with great colors, prints, or textures!

1. Capes


2.  High Necklines

High Neckline

3.  Pant Suits

Pant Suits

We’ll be back next week with our recap of Milan Fashion Week!




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