k2o Halloween Guide

Tired of wearing boring costumes or feeling like yours doesn’t stand out? Make this Halloween one to remember by spicing your costume up with some k2o jewelry!

If you’re feeling a Wonder Woman or Greek Goddess vibe, put on a pair of k2o Gold Cuffs to highlight your obvious importance as a goddess or super hero.

k2o Satin Gold Armor Cuff

k2o Hammered Gold Armor Cuff

Cleopatra embodies the essence of royalty and beauty. When one thinks of Cleopatra, visions of gold and delicate headpieces should come to mind. What would be more perfect than to wear a k2o gold harness! Try the k2o Armor I or Amor II Harness for a look of pure glamour.

k2o Armor I Harness

k2o Armor II Harness

October 31st is not the only day to show off your Halloween spirit. Show off your excitement leading up to the holiday by wearing some k2o tangerine and black jewelry!

Try a Tangerine k2o POP Mod Ball Ring and Tangerine k2o POP Mod Ball Earrings!

Tangerine k2o POP Ring

k2oPOP Tangerine Mini Mod Ball II Earrings

k2o POP Tangerine III Earrings

For a spookier, edgier look, try a Black k2o Mod Ball Ring, Black k2o Mod Ball III Spike Necklace, and k2o Silver Spike Earrings.

Black k2o Mod Ball Ring

Black k2o Mod Ball III Spike Necklace

k2o Silver Spike Earrings

Have a Spooktacular k2o Halloween!


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