Meet k2o's Social Media/PR Intern: Stephanie Castano

Stephanie Castano

As an avid art, fashion, and adventure junkie, Stephanie is no stranger to many of the amazing things the city has to offer! She is currently an art history student at Rutgers University entering her fourth and final year. Her guilty little pleasures include shopping, reading, baking and experiencing live music. She is absolutely delighted to be working with Karen and first-handedly experiencing what both the jewelry and fashion industry are like!

1. What is your favorite piece of k2o by Karen Ko jewelry?

  • S: I am absolutely obsessed with the k2o Rock Harnesses. I definitely like to play up my looks with jewelry, and I think that these pieces are so edgy and funky and fun that they undeniably make the right type of statement: effortlessly cool. The fact that they add just enough glam to an otherwise simple outfit lends them so much power, and that’s exactly what great jewelry always seems to (and should!) do.

 2. What is your current favorite summer color?

  • S: This summer, I am honestly torn between neon yellow and Tangerine Tango. Maybe it’s because they both remind me of a beautiful sunset on a really hot day, but either way, both colors look so good against a sun-kissed glow!

3. Who is your current favorite fashion designer for the summer?

  • S: I really like Balenciaga and their use of bold prints and colors – especially for the summer. They always make their looks so innovative and modern that it is honestly really inspiring because it makes me want to come out of my shell some more and try new things with my own looks!

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