Meet k2o's Jewelry Design Intern: Allison Gadaleta

Allison Gadaleta 

Allison is currently an architecture student going into her fifth and final year at Pratt Institute.  Although architecture is her focus, she has always had interests in other design fields, last summer spending two months abroad in Copenhagen studying furniture design.  This summer she is excited to fulfill her curiosity in jewelry design and the industry with Karen, hoping to add it to her knowledge and experiences in order to be a more well-rounded designer.

1. What is your favorite piece of k2o jewelry?

  • A: My favorite pieces of k2o jewelry are the different DIAG pieces, the armor, necklaces, and earrings.  I love the combination between the more solid, sturdy diamond shape with the loose and playful chains, which can create a variety of looks by simply altering a few things, such as changing the shape or colors of the initial diamond pieces or the placement/addition of chains.  I find this about the pieces most interesting and inspirational.


                            k2o DIAG VII Necklace                                                             k2o DIAG II Earrings 

 2. What is your current favorite summer color?

  • A: My current favorite summer color is fusion coral. I just bought a pair of pants in this color and I love them paired with a simple black or white shirt!

3. Who is your current favorite fashion designer for the summer?

  • A: There are just too many to choose from!

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