Trend Alert: Minty Fresh

Can mint really be the new black?

The color is absolutely perfect for day and night – regardless of what and where your destination may be. You can dress it up, you can dress it down – don’t be afraid to take chances! There are so many valid (and amazingly cute) color combinations possible that it may honestly send your head spinning. Allow us to introduce to you the mint must-have items of the season – so that next time you are out shopping, you can get right to business!

Moto Spearmint  Skinny Baxter Jeans

Mint High Waist Hotpants

Talpha Wide Leg Pleaded Trouser

Fluctuating weather patterns leaving you unsure of how to dress…to just about anywhere you are going? Don’t fret. Luckily designers absolutely love the trend and are now featuring just about every imaginable item in mint! This goes for bottoms as well – denim, shorts, trousers – it is now so easy to look so in vogue anywhere you go. The mint trousers are an essential for the working fashionista – what better way to look both chic and professional at the office? We highly suggest that if you are going to go with mint bottoms to steer clear of wearing any type of mint top- you definitely don’t want to overdo this trend!

Button Up Tail Top

Mint Gold Lace Sleeve Dress

Mint Cut Out Jumper

It is no different when it comes to tops and dresses! Even the most casual tanks can be transformed into automatically trendy items with a hint of mint! Dress up your look by sporting a mint dress with sheer sleeves (another very ‘in’ trend!) or wear a mint crochet top to the beach that conveniently exposes your cute bikini for the ultimate minty fresh look!

Rochas Textured-Leather Platform Sandals

Office Academic Ballerina Mint Leather

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Platform Pumps

Mint colored shoes are the perfect accessory to an otherwise simple outfit. They make a statement and completely transform the vibe of your look! Try wearing mint shoes with beige, creme, light tangerine and even purple ensembles. The great thing about wearing mint colored shoes is that they honestly can go with just about any color combination that your outfit may have. Even mint flats are a great alternative to the usual (and safe!) black or nude  worn on the daily!

CHLOÉ Sally Textured and Patent-Leather Clutch

JAS M.B. “Move on Mint” Bag

Ted Baker Kassady Crystal Bobble Matinee Purse in Mint

Just likes shoes, mint bags are another great way to incorporate the trend into your look! Even if the purse (or clutch) is not completely mint, be adventurous and try a bag that has other colors, even other shades of green, as seen with the CHLOÉ Sally Textured and Patent-Leather Clutch. Gold is a very compatible metal with mint so try finding a bag with golden accents.

Want to take mint a step further? We suggest you wear a k2o Mod Ball Ring in either gold, tangerine, or of course – mint, for the perfect finishing touch to an already sassy outfit!


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