Meet k2o's Publicist: Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams

Tyler is a NYC-based publicist who specializes in fashion, luxury and beauty. He is also a freelance writer for various publications covering public relations, style and lifestyle.

 Photo: Andrew Werner Photography

1. What is your favorite piece of k2o by Karen Ko jewelry?

  • T: The k2o Rock harnesses are my favorite – I love how they make a BIG statement!

k2o Rock Spike Harness III

 2. What is your current favorite summer color?

  • T: My favorite color for summer is Cockatoo, a tactile blue-green. It reminds me of the skies at the beach!

3. Who is your current favorite fashion designer for the summer?

  • T: My favorite fashion brand for summer is a little-known UK brand called Delusion. I love the unexpected draping and elements of deconstruction; it reminds me of Rick Owens or Gareth Pugh.

Shop k2o by Karen Ko at Modern Mix.


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