Trend Alert: Sweet & Sheer

Trend Alert!

This summer is all about the sweet and sheer look. As seen on the runways and on our favorite celebs, this trend is easy to wear and flattering – if, of course, worn appropriately! Just like with any trending fashion, going sheer can go, well…terribly wrong. Make sure to keep it classy and clean, and of course, appropriate for the given occasion!


Kajsa Blouse

Helmut Lang Sheer Belted Sleeveless Top

Clemence Shirt

Embellished Blouse from Haute Hippie

Emilio Pucci Sequined Tulle Cropped Top

A sheer top is not only fashionable, but extremely versatile for both day and night – change any day outfit to one you can instantly transform for a girl’s night out on the town! Embroidered sheer tops are especially useful for this, as they turn up the glam on any look, at any given time of day! If you’re opting for something more conservative, or even work appropriate, try sporting a sheer blouse in either a mint or neutral tone. And of course, choose your undergarments wisely!

Mason V-Neck Dress

Mulberry Long Strapless Dress

Redopin Sheer Leopard Print Leggings

Stolen Girlfriends Club Skeletal Lace Maxi

Do not limit yourself to sheer just on top! Be creative. Daring, even. The great thing about this trend is that it allows for room to be creative. Whether you want to rock a pair of semi-sheer leapard leggings (my personal favorite!), or a “skeletal”-style sheer maxi dress, be unafraid to push the boundaries. For days that you’re feeling slightly less adventurous, however, a sheer tulle maxi dress can suffice for a chic yet very trendy look.

Want to show some leg? Opt for a mini dress in a bright color and sheer accents – simple yet trend-appropriate: sweet and sheer!


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