Colorblock with k2o!

Colorblock is all the rage right now but there are more than one way to wear this trend!

Jewelry happens to be one of the easiest way to adopt this fashion trend without making a huge commitment to say a pair of brightly colored skinny jeans or a more expensive (and time intensive) endeavor, overhauling your entire wardrobe and color coordinating everything.

As it so happens, k2o has recently launched their k2POP collection featuring 5 bright pastel colors for this spring, Pink, Yellow, Lime, Sky Blue and Lavender.  Also, for one week only, this collection is on sale at! (available until May 22nd).

Here’s a sneak preview of the k2POP collection below:

1. k2POP Ring

This rock candy statement ring is a must have this season! (my personal favorite)

2. k2POP Mini Earrings

For a more subtle touch of color, you can wear these earrings anywhere, anytime.

3. k2POP Drop Earrings

For a little more length, these drop earrings are both modern and fun!

4.  k2POP Necklace

18″ long, this necklace is sweet and simple (and makes a perfect gift too for any girl who loves some color!)

5. k2POP Gold Spike Earrings (available in Silver too)

If sweet and simple isn’t your style, go for a touch of edge with these colorful spike earrings!

6. k2POP Silver Spike Necklace (available in gold too)

This 32″ necklace is the perfect bohemian style necklace for layering or making a simple statement.

Shop now at


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