Holiday: k2o by Karen Ko

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year for numerous reason, one of them being that it’s the perfect time of the year to wear k2o!  I can wear the most simplest dress or a pair of jeans and sweater and glam up my look in two seconds by putting on a pair of k2o Mod Ball earrings (or the Disco Fringe earrings for a more fun and flirty style).
For those of you who want a quick easy fix to transform your basics into festive holiday wear, here are my top 5 k2o pieces that you should have already 😉


1. Mod Ball Ring

This classic piece simply never goes out of style.  Modern and eye catching, you can be sure that when you’re holding your flute of champagne, everyone will notice…


2. Mod Ball III Earrings

So if statement rings are not your thing and you would rather show off your elegant neck or fabulous hair, put on a pair of these earrings in either silver and gold and ring in the new year!

3.  Disco Fringe Earrings

Flirt your way through the holiday with these fabulously long earrings. With just a touch of sparkle followed by dramatic lengths, you won’t even need to add anything else.


4. Avant Rock Spike Earrings

If subtle edginess is your style, these earrings are made for you.  With festive holiday colored Swarovski balls finished off with an elegant gold spike, these earrings will add a little rock and roll to your holiday attire.


5. DIAG VIII Necklace

Be the envy of the party with this limited edition statement necklace.  This modern star shape DIAG necklace will transform any outfit in your closet into glam.  And best yet, you can walk into any party knowing that NO ONE else will be wearing the same thing!


All k2o by Karen Ko products can be purchased on Modern Mix.


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