Fall Color Trend 2011

Wondering what colors to fill your closet this fall? Here are the top Fall Color trends from the fashion color trend experts. Pick the story that suits your style the best!

Body Performance:  This story board is based on a ballet dancer style express by skintone palettes with fleshy tones, plastery pastels and talcy mauves with some tonic accents, luminous coral, and graphic contrast of black and white.  This colour range is constructed around graphic black and white completed by neutral tones like gray and honey brown with a touch of orange to provide a direct contrast.

The dominant color trend from this story is silk/champagne:

Dark Poetry:  This poetically nocturnal story has a palette that includes deep black, slate gray, inky blue and deep purple completed by flaming garnet, blushing pink, hallucinogenic green and flashes of copper and gold.  These nocturnal colors are muffled colors from night blue, cold brown and Cyprus green all the way to grayed parma and intenser touch of oxblood.

However the dominate base color remains a somber deep blue, almost midnight black.

Rustic Roots:  This story is about nature meets industrial wasteland metals from a time bygone.  The color palette is centered by a range of green and completed by two industrial colors: grayed and pinkish cement.  The palette is accented with autumn reds in different grape tones.

My personal favorite color from this story would be Marigold:

And last but not least, this Trady Twist story has a retro English style, evoked by muted tones, luminous camel, greenish-blues, taupey-gray, and rich burgundy accented with cupcake pink, acid marmalade, electric anise, milky blueberry.   These sumptuous colors stand out with the velvet shades of violet, brick red, ochre, Prussian and faded blue.

A fun bright color from this story would most definitely be Fuchsia Pink:

Sources: refinery29.com, Style.com, and ciff.dk


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